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A blue couch and a purple chair on a brown hardwood from Carpet Express Inc in Clarksville, TN

Disruptive Behavior: COREtec

OUR QUEST FOR A BETTER FLOOR – No matter how difficult our path seemed, we never wanted to follow anyone’s footsteps. Instead, we followed our passion to find a better floor. Always placing our beliefs ahead of conventional wisdom ultimately led us to develop and patent the original 100% waterproof rigid core and COREtec construction that delivers true style while handling just about anything life has in store.

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An entrance filled with naural light from Carpet Express Inc in Clarksville, TN

Designed In Style: Mid-Century Modern

A texture exploration of geometrics, curved edges and slight irregularities, Mid-Century Modern is planned and functional, but with moments of playful ingenuity. Inspired by the desert landscape and a modernist appeal, this style embraces lots of white to open up the space. Consider furniture with rounded, tapered legs, and pieces reminiscent of Eames Lounge or with Eiffel chairs. Large sliding glass windows and doors make excellent focal points and blur the boundary of interior and exterior.

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An armchair on a white carpet from Carpet Express Inc in Clarksville, TN

Designed In Style: Modern Farmhouse

Bringing a refreshed look to a popular design aesthetic, Modern Farmhouse features the comfort and practicality of farmhouse style by adding the clean lines of a modern space. Mixing old and new - antique finishes and modern lighting enhance and update this classic look. Comfort is key to bringing Modern Farmhouse to life. With mid-century sofas and chairs, textured rugs or throw pillows, anyone can recreate this stunning look with ease.

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A nice living room with a brown couch and a mini table in the middle of it from Carpet Express Inc in Clarksville, TN

Just Enough Approach To Design

The rise of international design philosophies are shifting cultural perspectives of the home - focusing on comfort, authenticity and a worry-free experience. These trends go beyond design and decor, emphasize easy living, having just enough and sparking joy in our homes and our lives.

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grey armchair on laminate flooring

How To Work With Color

Show off your true colors with a cohesive color palette.

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open kitchen with hardwood floors

Hardwood Styling Trends

You may be surprised by the number of styles, species, and finishes available in today’s hardwood flooring.

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blue woven chairs around a dining table - Carpet Express, Inc

Repel Laminate

Accidents do happen! But this water resistant flooring gives you time to clean up spills, helping protect your beautiful floor.

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