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You may be surprised by the number of styles, species, and finishes available in today’s hardwood flooring. Just ask us about these hot new styling trends:

  • Exotic looks that don’t come from the rainforests. They’re American-made and eco-friendly. Some products even use a series of high-tech processes that infuse color throughout, so scratching and scraping are far less obvious than in stained woods. ¹
  • Premium solid planks made from 100% recycled mill by-products. ²
  • A horizontal scraping technique that creates an effect like quarter-sawn wood, a late 19th-centure technique used in fine floors. ²
  • High-gloss finishes that add sleek sophistication ideal for contemporary décor.
  • 5” widths combined with traditional -wide planks, for a chic designer look.
  • Flooring in opaque black and white, used separately or in combination—upscale and the height of fashion in clothing and the home. ³
  • Extremely fashionable browner, grayer colors—tones that range from coffee browns to new, trendy charcoal.
  • Hand-brushed surfaces—subtle, soft, and touchable. ⁴
  • Flooring that has the look of reclaimed wood from bygone eras. ⁵

¹ Epic Exotic Visions collection, style St. Barts, from Shaw Floors
² Grand Canyon hand-scraped hickory collection, from Shaw Floors
³ Cosmopolitan maple collection, from Shaw Floors
⁴ Brushed Suede hand-brushed hickory collection, from Shaw Floors
⁵ Olde Mill Maple hand-sanded and distressed collection, from Shaw Floors

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