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What goes into to choosing a product?

Product selection, whether it’s carpet or hard surface, is typically based on a series of criteria including,

  • Use – Do you have high traffic or low, pets, kids, frequent use or not?
  • Comfort – If considering carpet how does it feel under your bare feet? Do you occasionally sit or lay on the floor?
  • Maintenance – For example, is there the potential for water or lots of dirty shoes?
  • Budget – Do you expect to stay in your home longer than 10 years or do you need a shorter term solution.
Does it make more sense to meet at the showroom or my home?

A visit to our showrooms will provide a chance to see a wide selection of products. We do recommend that samples are taken to the house due to change in lighting, paint colors as well as furniture style & color. An in-home measure will be done before job is quoted.

What should I bring to help with my selection?

 Bringing paint color samples, furniture pillow or fabrics are always helpful when selecting a flooring color. An approximate square footage is also helpful in estimating a cost range.

How long before installation?

It generally takes 5 – 7 days to order, receive materials and schedule the proper installer for your job. Selections from our stock are usually installed within 2 – 3 days.

How long can I expect my floor covering to last?

There are many determining factors to this however, the average Vinyl floor covering lasts from 10-15 years.

What can I do to make my carpet last longer?
  • Have your carpet professionally installed.
  • Vacuum your flooring often and have your carpet professionally cleaned.Have your carpet stretched or repaired as soon as it is noticed.
Is solid hardwood better than engineered hardwood flooring?

No. In fact, there are several measures for which engineered hardwood outperforms solid hardwood.

Which species of hardwood flooring would be best for me?

First you will need to decide the color of flooring as each species has a different color. You will then need to decide how your hardwood will be used. You can use the Janka scale to determine the hardness and durability to help decide which hardwood is right for you.

Can I install hardwood flooring in my basement?

You can install engineered hardwood flooring in a basement.

Does humidity affect hardwood flooring?

Yes. In bathrooms or rooms below ground level, humidity or the potential for pooling water can create issues. Solid hardwood is not recommended for these areas.