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Why Vinyl

Another common trait of Vinyl flooring is resistance to stains, which includes food, dirt, and liquids.

Some floors are treated with an upper layer of wax to make them even more stain resistant and easier to clean. This flooring also resists penetration by water, making it less likely to become a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can make a home unhealthy to be in. It also reduces the risk of damage to the subfloor.

The materials used to make Vinyl flooring can also resist scuffing and damage from rolling furniture, dollies, or furniture, which is dragged across the floor. They can also withstand high foot traffic, which can be very convenient in a home with children and pets. Flooring materials like cork and rubber are also used in dairies and stables, which goes to show you how sturdy they are; if they can support horses, they can handle busy human traffic.